Virtual Leather International

A place for leather lovers and their unique ideas. 

About Us

Daniel Guanes

Store Owner

Our brand was born from a desire to create functional high end products that can be used for business and pleasure alike.

We are passionate about bringing consumer ideas to life, with an attention to detail that has seen our company take the lead in this ever growing market.

From sourcing our unique smooth leather, handpicked by our team to ensure only the finest quality pieces, through to the personalisation phase- We are directly involved at every step.

This has led to an array of returning business owners from Dubai to the shores of New Zealand, the word has spread and so has our customer base.

We are here to bring your designs to life, with a friendly customer support team, we can ensure you are happy with your custom product before the excitement of production begins...

Join us on our journey of making leather products accessible to every market and take a look for some inspiration today.